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Baby Evie’s Announcement

August 7, 2019

Please join Lynn and I by welcoming our new granddaughter!

Our granddaughter certainly had a special journey to us. Our daughter, Lisa and her husband, Peter arrived at the hospital early on Wednesday June 26th, and Lisa was induced. The day seemed to go on forever, as Lisa had contractions, but no baby.

Fast forward to 11:50 pm when Lisa’s doctor told her that she was fully dilated, and she could deliver her baby.  Lisa asked her doctor if it would hurt either the baby or her if she waited 10 minutes? The doctor okayed the delay and at 12:02 am on 6-27-19 our new family member arrived, on Lynn’s birthday!! What an honor for Lynn that she and our granddaughter will forever share the SAME birthday!! Lynn will never have a better birthday gift than the one that Lisa and Peter gave her!

What could top that you ask?


For months prior to delivery, we kept asking “what are you naming the baby?” Lisa and Peter said that they had a couple of names and would decide once they met their daughter. Well, the surprises just kept coming for us as we were so honored and happy that our new granddaughter was named after my mother, and Lisa’s grandmother, Evelyn!! Ironically, mom turns 95 on Labor Day! 😊

Lisa and Peter have nick-named the baby “Evie” and she has been such a precious gift!! Both mom and baby are doing great, and big brother Bear, who is now 2 1/2, has been so sweet!

Life is good, and being a new grandparent is even better!

Thanks so much for sharing your family stories with me, and it is an honor and pleasure to share my new family story with you!

May God Bless you and your family!


Lisa, Peter & Evie

My grandson, Bear and I are smiling so much as I tell him, “You’re a meatball, and he tells me, no grandpa, I’m not a meatball you are.”

Great Grandma Evelyn, Lisa and baby Evie

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