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Steve is a Certified Financial Planner with over 3 decades of planning experience. Steve’s expertise focuses on YOUR retirement.


Who We Are

Financial GPS.

You get it: we’re with you on this journey and by design, we’re the team who can help you get where you want to go. Not all wealth management advisors offer the tools and advice you need, right? What makes Jaime Bollinger, Steve Wedel and the Four Seasons team different? That’s easy.

Jaime and Steve have over 5 combined decades of planning experience. Together they make up a team that focuses on your retirement.

  • We’re Focused

    On you. On your journey. Not on our share price or meeting sales quotas at the end of each month. We’re focused on getting you everything you need to understand your choices, making smart decisions, making adjustments as necessary and helping you achieve your goals.

  • We’re determined

    Failure is not an option. Period. You’ll never hear us say “well, we’re really sorry — we did our best.” Never. We create the right road map, we make course changes as necessary and we monitor every mile to help you reach your destination — on time and as planned.

  • We’re Small

    That’s right: think small. We’re not some big, impersonal wirehouse that offers you the same, pre-packed road map they offer everyone else. We’re personal. Real people — not recordings or online chat. Because the truth is, everyone’s journey is different.

    Our tool box is powered by TD Ameritrade and Schwab. We are capable of delivering the appropriate products and strategies that you will need on your journey — and precisely at the time needed.


Meet the Team

Steve Wedel

Founding Partner

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Jaime Bollinger

Partner, Wealth Advisor, CPA

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Rick Wedell

Founder, Wealth Advisor

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Dan Natoli

Financial Advisor, Director of Planning

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Jessica Bradley

Administrative Assistant


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