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Dan Natoli

Dan Natoli


About Dan: Professionally

“I have been in the financial services industry since 2011,” Dan says. “I started out as an assistant and moved my way up to advisor. My career goal is to become a Certified Financial Planner overall working to be a Wealth Management Advisor in the industry.”

Dan says he is passionate about financial planning and financial security and believes “having a financial plan is one of the most important strategies individuals and families can have.”

He explains his passion for financial planning stems from his personal experience with his family. “My father has early onset Alzheimer’s,” Dan says, adding the demands of his father’s condition on the family’s finances has made him acutely aware of the importance of thoughtful, comprehensive financial planning.

“I earned my CLTC (Certified in Long-Term Care) designation in 2018 because I understand the importance of long-term care to a family’s financial stability.” He says this an area he likes to concentrate on for his clients.

Dan graduated from Westminster College (Fulton, MO) in 2013 with a B.S. in Finance.

About Dan: Personally

Dan was born and raised in St. Louis and is a die-hard Blues & Cardinals fan. He’s loves the outdoors and spending time fly fishing with his father. He is a member of the Missouri Trout Fishermen Association and also a Young Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Association of St. Louis.

In addition to fishing with his father, Dan enjoys biking, tennis, and cooking. He’s a self-proclaimed “Star Wars nerd,” and also enjoys live music, particularly blues, jazz, and funk.

“My main goal in life,” Dan says, “is to make people smile.”

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