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Lewis Dickinson

Lewis Dickinson


About Lewis: Professionally

“I realize that helping others plan their financial future is, in and of itself, a philanthropic endeavor,” Lewis says of his work.

Lewis set out to study mechanical engineering in college, but after taking an accounting class, he was hooked. From there, he went on to obtain separate degrees in Accounting and in Finance and pursued the Personal Financial Planning Track of studies at the University of Missouri — St. Louis. He has worked in the financial industry for over a decade and for the past six years has focused on helping high-net-worth clients plan for the future.

“Currently, I help to create, implement, and service the plans of our clients here at Four Seasons and provide exceptional service, wherever possible,” Lewis says. “We have assembled a great team and I look forward to every day!”

When asked to use one word to describe himself professionally, Lewis says, “Reliable. Everywhere I’ve worked, I’ve been given that greatest compliment: if you want the job done right, get Lewis to do it.”

About Lewis: Personally

Lewis says he doesn’t understand the concept of “free time.” When away from the office, Lewis spends his time with his wife and sons. His wife is an Occupational Therapist who works with disadvantaged youth and both his sons are in the gifted program at their respective school. “There’s always something to do,” he says. Another interesting tidbit about Lewis and his family: “We’re tall. My 12-year-old son is almost as tall as my wife (she’s 5’8”) and my 10-year-old is pushing 5’4”. Of course, I am 6’8”. I constantly hit my head on things, from doorways to ceiling fans to low-flying aircraft.”

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